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Swordfish, Billfish,
Tuna and Sharks

Population Losses Depicted

Headed for Extinction


Blue Marlin
White Marlin


Bluefin Tuna

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Maps of Spawning/Feeding Areas

Blue Marlin 1994

Blue Marlin 1995

White Marlin 1994

White Marlin 1995

Sailfish 1994

Sailfish 1995


Bluefin Tuna

Maps - Longline Catch and Effort

Atlantic Currents

Wetlands, Estuaries, Rivers and Coastal Waters

Essential Fish Habitat

Environmental Impact Assessment Division

Importance of Shallow
Water Habitats

Causes of Fishery Population Declines

Diversions of Freshwater Flows

Wetlands Destruction

Toxic Contaminants and Disease

Nutrient Loading

Cumulative Effects

Economic Values at Stake

References Cited
photo of release of an Atlantic blue marlin estimated at 1400 lbs.
Articles about Coastal Habitat Loss
and Degradation

"A Coastal Fisheries Catastrophe"
Longline Closure Areas
Proposed by Congress

Will the Closures Reduce Bycatch?

White Marlin and Closures Map

Blue Marlin and Closures Map

Sailfish and Closures Map

Map Showing Where Longliners
Actually Fish

Fed-up Longliner's Confession
World Record - Released for Conservation.

Pictured above is Capt. Joseph Franck and Peter Ganz' massive Atlantic blue marlin weighing an estimated 1400 lbs. and thus close to the 130-lb. line class and the all tackle world record of 1402 lbs.  It is being revived prior to release.  Caught on 80-lb. tackle in the Azores, the Shanghai Charters fishing team knew it was more than 200 lbs. larger than the existing 80-lb. line class world record, yet they set her free. (Photo, courtesy P. Ganz)
Articles about Big Game Fish
Articles - Overview

"Atlantic Hot Spots"

"Hunting Giants"
"Grander Hunting"

"Those Magnificent Giants"

"Going, Going, Gone"

"Headed for Extinction"

Photo Galleries


Atlantic Blue Marlin - 3 pages

Pacific Blue Marlin - 4 pages

Giant Bluefin Tuna - 6 pages

Grander Bluefin on Stand-Up

World Record Bluefin

Black Marlin - 3 pages

Swordfish - 3 pages


White Marlin - 2 pages

Large Sharks


Yellowfin Tuna

Bigeye Tuna

Endangered Species Act
White Marlin ESA Listing Petition

"Hot Spot" Maps - White Marlin

"Hot Spot" Maps - Blue Marlin

Critical Habitats Identified

Sonar Effects Notice

BLF Letter to NMFS on Sonar Effects

Recommended Longline Closure Areas

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image of Giant Bluefin Tuna

Live Moon Phase Display

Daily "Kill-o-Meter"

Longliners fish most heavily during the periods when the moon is brightest. So, this real-time image of the moon phase shows when the kill of swordfish is greatest and least. It also shows when the kill of blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, sharks, tunas, sea turtles, marine mammals and a host of other marine life is also greatest - even though they are not even targeted. For more, see link above.

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