White marlin image by artist, Ron Pittard
Photos of White Marlin
Some say white marlin, which can reach a weight of 200 lbs. and more than 9 ft. in length, are a perfect gamefish - fast, powerful, hard to subdue and, as shown below, very acrobatic.��������� (Photo, Bill Boyce)
Photo of white marlin jumping
Photo of world record white marlin - Azores
Left, world record white marlin (73 lbs.) on the leader in the Azores.� This line-class record, however, was broken a few months later in Brazil.

In the fall of 2001,
Shanghai Charters' sportfishers were surrounded by white marlin.� One of the boats from the island of Faial caught 157 in 5 days and 53 in one day!� All were released.

(Photo, J. Vertommen)
Underwater photo of white marlin
Above, diver's view from below a sportfisher as a white marlin is leadered for the photo then revived and released.�
(Photo, Bill Boyce)
Photo of white marlin - Azores
Below, angler A.M. Goncalves admires mate Greg Keck's skill in leadering a good white marlin caught in the Azores.��
(Photo, A.M. Goncalves)
Photo of white marlin - Azores
Above, light tackle action for Leo Cloostermans, who has to his credit a world record 573-lb. Atlantic blue marlin caught on 4-lb. test line - a fish weighing an astounding 161 times the breaking strength of his line.�� He also holds Atlantic blue marlin line class world records for 6-lb. (248.5 lbs.), 8-lb. (381 lbs.) and 12-lb. (604 lbs.). (Photo, J. Vertommen)

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