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Blue marlin image by Ron Pittard
The enormous Pacific blue marlin pictured below weighed 1,656 lbs. and was caught in 1984 by angler Gary Merriman fishing with the legendary Capt. Bart Miller on his "Black Bart."� This 17-foot long beast is the largest blue marlin ever brought into Kona, Hawaii, and the second largest Pacific blue ever caught by rod and reel.� It was also the largest blue marlin caught in the world in 1984.� The battle lasted two hours and 20 minutes and is described in Capt. Bart's exciting article entitled "The Black Bart Chronicles, Part II" which was published in the September/October 2000 issue of the Big Game Fishing Journal.� Contact Capt. Bart at Black Bart Lures.� The photo below left shows the crew trying to get its head through the door of "Black Bart."� That on the right shows the fish at the ice house door.

It's hard to believe, but blue marlin grow to twice the size of the huge fish pictured here.� Capt. Miller once fought to the boat, but could not subdue, a blue marlin of about 3,000 lbs.� (There's one of that size pictured further below.)
Blue marlin photo - 1656 lbs - Kona, Hawaii
Blue marlin photo - 1656 lbs - Kona, Hawaii
Pictured below and to the right is the largest blue marlin caught in the world in 1983.� It weighed 1265 lbs.� It was also caught aboard Bart Miller's "Black Bart" and landed in Kona, Hawaii.� (All photos, Bart Miller)
Blue marlin photo - 1265 lbs - Kona, Hawaii
Blue marlin photo - 1265 lbs
Above and below, Capt. Miller supervising the unloading of his 1,265-lb. Pacific blue marlin for its weighing.�
Pictured below is a truly mammoth Pacific blue marlin weighing in the vicinity of 3,000 lbs.� Thus, it would be twice the weight of the huge fish pictured above!� Note the width of the fish through the "shoulders" and the very pronounced crest.
Marlin Magazine cover with blue marlin - 1265 lbs - Kona, Hawaii
Blue marlin photo - 3000 lbs - Kona, Hawaii
Blue marlin photo - 1656 lbs - Kona, Hawaii
Left, Capt. Bart Miller's 1,656-lb. Pacific blue marlin dwarfs angler Gary Merriman at the dock in Kona, Hawaii.

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