Yellowfin Tuna Photos
yellowfin tuna image
yellowfin tuna photo - 225 lbs - Hannibal Bank, Panama, Coiba Adventureyellowfin tuna photo - 225 lbs - Hannibal Bank, Panama, Coiba Adventure

Pictured at left are Jim Chambers (left) and Capt. Tom Yust straining to bring aboard a 225-lb. yellowfin fought by Pat Grotto (right photo, far left) on the famed Hannibal Bank (a submerged mountain) near Isla de Coiba on Panama's Pacific coast.  In the center picture are Capt. Tom Yust (left), mate Porky Pomares and fellow angler Jim Chambers (r).   This big yellowfin was caught on a great trip in May 2000 with Capt. Yust, owner and operator of Coiba Adventure.  That trip was featured in a story in Sport Fishing Magazine entitled "Pacific Panama's Personal Side."  It was written by Editor-in-Chief, Doug Olander (pictured below with a roosterfish), and published in its December 2000 issue.  Incidentally, to record the event for the article, Olander got in a kayak to take these photos.  Many of his other photos from our trip are presented on the excellent Coiba Adventure website.  Also see our black marlin photo section for pictures of the 400-pounder we got the next morning at Hannibal Bank. 

photo of Coiba Adventure's home base, former Club Pacifico, Isla de Coiba, Panama

photo of young yellowfin tuna

"Bait-size" yellowfin that would be irresistible to a big yellowfin like that above or any of Hannibal Bank's much larger black marlin or blue marlin.
Above, the famous Club Pacifico on the Isla de Coiba - now the base camp for Coiba Adventure.  This pristine island (30 mi. long by 15 mi. wide) is covered in tropical rainforest.  Both it and the surrounding marine ecosystems (Hannibal Bank is about 15 miles offshore) are completely unspoiled and their living resources untouched.  All the region's fish populations appear to be extremely healthy.  See Coiba Adventure's website for more details.  I give this destination my highest rating.
photo of roosterfish - Coiba Adventure, Panama
photo of huge yellowfin tuna

Roosterfish are abundant along Coiba's wave-washed beaches.  Pictured above are Sport Fishing Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Doug Olander (left) and Capt. Tom Yust (right), owner/operator of Coiba Adventure