Photos of Large Sharks


Great White

kayaker watching approach of a great white shark



mako shark

photo of mako shark - 610 lbs - Azores
Below and right, a 610-lb. mako shark caught by the "Pescatur" off the island of Faial in the Azores.� The mako appears to be the only fish that consistently kills and feeds on prey larger than itself.� In a burst of speed they will attack their target, often from below, and bite the tail (killer whales do this as well).� It can then leisurely eat its helpless victim.� Its prey includes bluefin tuna, swordfish and marlin.� (Photos, Jan van Gent)
Closeup photo of the head of a 610 lb mako shark - Azores
mako shark photo swimming
photo of world record smooth hammerhead shark - 363 lbs - Azores
photo of hammerhead sharks concentrated for spawning
Above, the world record (363 lbs) smooth hammerhead shark caught in 1999 by George Geyer.� It was also taken off Faial in the Azores.� (Photo, IGFA archives)� (I believe this is actually a scalloped hammerhead.)
Left, female scalloped hammerhead sharks aggregating for spawning.
Great White
photo of great white shark
The sharks pictured here (except the Great White, above) appear to be females since they lack "claspers" (finger-like projections behind and between the two anal fins).�
I think I can see them on this Great White.

photo of a tiger sharkphoto of tiger shark - 12 ft

tiger shark and scuba divers



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