Surface Currents of the Atlantic Ocean
�������������������������������� GULF STREAM

Left, satellite image of the Gulf Stream and its large meanders or eddies called gyres.� This image shows sea surface temperature distributions in the Western North Atlantic Ocean.� The warmest water (shown in this false color image as dark orange) indicates the path of the Gulf Stream up the U.S. East Coast and then bending out from the area off Cape Hatteras, NC, into the Atlantic towards Europe. The largest pelagic fish (e.g., blue marlin, swordfish, bluefin tuna and white marlin) concentrate along the edges of this current and other major surface currents shown above because their prey is most concentrated in such areas.

Spawning and Nursery Area Maps

Bluefin Tuna,
Swordfish, Blue Marlin,
White Marlin,

Critical Habitat Maps

Blue Marlin
, White Marlin

Longline Catch and Effort Maps


Atlantic Population Declines - the Facts

Headed for Extinction

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Endangered Species Act

White Marlin Listing Petition

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Live Moon Phase Display

Daily "Kill-o-Meter"

Longliners fish most heavily during the periods when the moon is brightest. So, this real-time image of the moon phase shows when the kill of swordfish is greatest and least. It also shows when the kill of blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, sharks, tunas, sea turtles, marine mammals and a host of other marine life is also greatest - even though they are not even targeted. For more, see link above.

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