Bigeye tuna image
Bigeye Tuna Photos
A powerful bigeye caught in the Azores.� (Photo, J. Vertommen)
Capt. Skip Nielsen of Islamorada, FL, removing the hooks from his Azorean bigeye of about
135 lbs. prior to release.� (Photo, J. Chambers)
Bigeye tuna photo - Azores
Bigeye tuna photo 135 lbs Azores Capt. Skip Nielsen
Below, a "matched set" of� 175-200 lb bigeye taken by Matt Brown (l) near the island of Faial in the Azores.������� (Photo, J. Weiland)
Photo of seven bigeye tuna weighing from 200 to 325 lbs - Jack Cashman - Hudson Canyon
Photo of two bigeye tuna 175 to 200 lbs - Azores
Above, a great day's catch of bigeye from the "glory days" in the Hudson Canyon off New Jersey.� These 7 fish were caught by Jack Cashman on the rod and Bob Pisano at the helm aboard his Tuna Hunter.� Their weights ranged from 200 to 325 lbs.� Now, it's rare to catch even one.�
(Photo, J. Cashman)
World record bigeye tuna photo - 295 lbs - Azores World record bigeye tuna photo - 295 lbs - Azores
Above and left, one of the first big game fish - and then a world record bigeye (295 lbs.) - ever caught in the Azores by a sport fisherman.� Pictured above are angler Dr. Arsenio Cordeiro (r), who pionered big game fishing in the islands, Captain Sampaio (l) and the journalist, Van Campen Heilner.� His 1960 article in Field and Stream first brought news of the Azores' big game fish and this new world record to the attention of the Americas.� Commercial fishermen have taken bigeyes here weighing 400 to 600 lbs.�
(Photos, family A. Cordeiro)
World record bigeye tuna photo - 375 lbs - Equador
Big Game Fishing Journal cover Sept/Oct 2001 issue
Recent cover - Big Game Fishing Journal, Sept./Oct. 2001 issue.

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Above, the 80-pound line class world record Pacific bigeye tuna.� It weighed 375 lbs. and was caught in 2000 by off Salinas, Ecuador, by Francisco Sola.
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