Sailfish Photos sailfish image
sailfish image
WOW! Pacific sailfish photo
Acrobatic leaps on light tackle make for great sport.� Circle hooks mean they'll survive it.
Sailfish mount
Fortunately, no more sailfish (or other large saltwater fish) need be killed to memorialize a great fishing experience.� Excellent fiberglass mounts of any size gamefish are now readily available.� Simply check out the work of various taxidermists on the web, and ask for a mount of the appropriate size to get something beautiful like this.
Some Really Big Sailfish
photo of A.J.Ribas and his father, Alberto, with 100 lb. sail caught on a pilchard fished below a kite over Fowey Rocks (off Miami) and released in good shape
All great catches soon to be revived and released.� Sportsmen now release voluntarily more than 95% of the billfish caught, and the ethic is spreading.
Sailfish photo
Sailfish photo
Sailfish photo
Sailfish photo - Australia
A quick photo while supporting the fish's internal organs, then back in the water to revive it fully for a safe release.
Sailfish image

The Severity of Atlantic Population Losses

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Longliners fish most heavily during the periods when the moon is brightest. So, this real-time image of the moon phase shows when the kill of swordfish is greatest and least. It also shows when the kill of blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, sharks, tunas, sea turtles, marine mammals and a host of other marine life is also greatest - even though they are not even targeted. For more, see link above.

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