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bluefin tuna underwatergiant bluefin tuna school on the spawning grounds

Giant bluefin tuna - 600 lbs Below, the crew of Tuna Hunter strains to bring a 900 lb. giant over the rail.� It was caught on the final day of the season in 1998 while fishing the "Rockpile" north of Rockport, MA, and after earlier losing another fish of about the same size.� Pictured (l. to r.) are Capt. Gary Cannell,� Dean Horne, angler Jim Chambers and Karen Cannell.� (Photo,� G. Cannell)
Giant bluefin tuna - 901 lbs
Giant bluefin tuna - 600 lbs
Above, 1st giant (600 lbs.) caught while fishing Jeffry's Ledge NE of Gloucester, MA, on Tuna Hunter with Capt. Gary Cannell in 1997.� Anglers are Jim Chambers (c) and Jack Cashman (r).
Giant bluefin tuna - 901 lbs
Above, Chambers' 1st solo giant (600 lbs.) caught near Stellwagen Bank aboard Tuna Hunter with Capt. Gary Cannell (top left) and wife Karen in 1997.� (photo G. Cannell)
Giant bluefin tuna - 1100 lbs
Above, Jack Cashman with a giant that weighed about 1100 lbs. which he caught off Montauk NY, on "Tuna Hunter" with Capt Bob Pisano and (then) mate Gary Cannell.
Above,� 901 lb. giant caught by the crew of Tuna Hunter in 1998 while fishing Jeffrey's Ledge area.� Pictured are angler, Jim Chambers with Capt. Cannell (r).
Giant bluefin tuna - 500 lbs
Giant bluefin tuna - 650 lbs
Above, a 500 lb. giant bluefin "on the leader" but soon to be released.�
(Photo J.P. Malgorne)
Left, Chambers admires his third giant (650 lbs.) caught near Stellwagen Bank fishing on Tuna Hunter with Capt. Gary Cannell in 1998.� (Photo Maggie Ernst)
Giant bluefin tuna - 901 lbs
World record bluefin tuna - 974 lbs
Above, the crew of the Tuna Hunter boating a 901 lb. giant caught within sight of Rockport, MA, in early September, 1998.� Pictured (l to r.) are Karen Cannell at the wheel, Capt. Gary Cannell, mate Dean Horne and angler Jim Chambers.� (Photo G. Cannell)
Below, a grander of over 1,150 lbs. caught by Jack Cashman (top), aboard "Tuna Hunter" with Capt. Bob Pisano at the helm.� (Photo, J. Cashman)
Women's 80-pound line class world record (974 lbs.) caught in 1994 on Azores Bank by Jeannine Francois.� (Photo, F. Clement)
Giant bluefin tuna - 1150 lbs

The Chase

700 lb giant bluefin chasing a bluefish700 lb giant bluefin chasing a bluefish700 lb giant bluefin chasing a bluefish700 lb giant bluefin catching the bluefish

Above, 901 lb Giant Bluefin Tuna caught by the crew of the "Tuna Hunter" off Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

(Pictured above left to right) Jim Chambers, Mate Dean Horne and Capt. Gary Cannell.

850 lb giant bluefin caught by Capt. Gary Cannell on Tuna Hunter

Above, Capt. Gary Cannell with 850 lb giant on Tuna Hunter

Above, Dr. Steve Wilson, a Stanford University marine research scientist, installs a satellite radio tag on a 700-pound Atlantic bluefin tuna as part of the "Tag-a-Giant" program. The fish entered the Gulf of Mexico on March 23, 2009, to spawn, and returned to the Atlantic on May 24, 2009, a journey that took it near the Deepwater Horizon rig site and through much of the area where oil from the rig has been mapped.



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