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If you care deeply, as we do, about the future of marlin, swordfish, bluefin tuna, sailfish and the other large pelagic species of the Atlantic, you want to become a direct and meaningful participant in their conservation.  Here's your chance.  Chambers and Associates needs funding to continue its work to end the decline in populations of all the Atlantic Ocean's large pelagic species.  You can play a critical role in our undertaking by providing funds to extend Chambers and Associates' efforts described on these webpages.  Send your contributions to us at the address provided below. 

All of your contribution will go toward our science-based advocacy programs to stop the declines and rebuild the populations of the Atlantic's big fish species.  You pick the species you want your funds directed to help.  None of your contribution will go for overhead (we have none), fund-raising (this web page is our only fund-raising activity) or any unrelated activity.  (You should be aware that most national organizations use at least 30% of their contributions just to raise additional funds.) 

Because we will be seeking changes in international policy as well as U.S. legislation and fishery management by the National Marine Fisheries Service (which is responsible for stewardship of the nation's living marine resources and their essential habitats), your contribution will
not be tax deductible.  But, on the other hand, all of it will be effective. Other organizations provide the opportunity for tax deductible contributions, but to do so, they are limited to spending no more than 15% of it in influencing national policy.  And based on the record portrayed on these pages, they have not stopped the decline of any of the Atlantic's big fish species.  We provide the opportunity for 100% of your contribution to be applied to a targeted and innovative defense of the resource and its essential habitat.  For information on our recent initiatives, see the links below. 

All those who support our scientific advocacy efforts for these species will (if they wish) be included in the list of sponsors for each Club that will be published on this website.  Both individuals and corporate sponsors are welcome.  This international public recognition will attest to our sponsors' strong commitment to the conservation of the Atlantic's large pelagic species and to the future of big game fishing (participants and their supporting industries).  Since this website usually hosts more than 200 unique visitors (most are big game fishing enthusiasts) and 1,500 "page views" per day, this public recognition of our sponsors will be both extensive and targeted to a select group.  After all, there are an estimated 230,000 billfish anglers in the U.S., alone, and their expenditures total $2.13 billion per year.  This large and growing participation and its vast supporting industries (boats, motors, tackle, hotel, marina, restaurant, travel, tournaments, etc.) are totally dependent on having abundant fish populations now and in the future.  Without effective action to conserve these species, big game fishing in the Atlantic will certainly decline and all its social and economic benefits lost.  So, now is the time to get meaningfully involved by becoming a sponsor.

To become a sponsor, contact us or send your contribution to Chambers and Associates at the following address:
Chambers and Associates
9814 Kensington Parkway
Kensington, Maryland  20895-3425
Phone  (301) 949-7778
Fax      (301) 949-3003
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