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black marlin image by artist, Ron Pittard
black marlin photo - world record 1560 lbs - Albert Glassell
black marlin photo 400 lbs Hannibal Bank, Panama

Just a Baby - above and below left, Jim Chambers' first black marlin, estimated at 400 lbs., caught on 50-pound stand-up and released over Hannibal Bank (a submerged mountain) near the island of Coiba, on Panama's Pacific coast.� (See Black Marlin - page 3)  It was caught on a great trip in May 2000 with Capt. Tom Yust, owner and operator of Coiba Adventure that became a feature story entitled "Pacific Panama's Personal Side" by Editor-in-Chief, Doug Olander, which was published in the December 2000 issue of Sport Fishing Magazine.� Many photos of that trip are presented in the excellent new Coiba Adventure website.� Also see our yellowfin tuna photo section for pictures of the 225-pound beast we got the previous afternoon at Hannibal Bank. We are pictured, struggling to lift it aboard, on the cover of Sport Fishing Magazine's October 2001 issue. (Photos, D. Olander)

Alfred Glassell and his long-standing world record black marlin (1,560 lbs.) caught off Cabo Blanco, Peru, in 1953. Photo courtesy of

black marlin photo 400 lbs Hannibal Bank, Panama

Below, a grander black marlin being fought by Captain Bart Miller on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.� (Photo, B. Miller)

Grander black marlin photo Great Barrier Reef

Above, Capt. Tom Yust getting a good look at our 400-pounder.�� (Photo, D. Olander)

Photo of huge black marlin (1135 and 555 lbs) caught on the same day by Kip Farrington - Cabo Blanco, Peru

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Author Kip Farrington, Jr. with two black marlin he caught on the same day in 1952 off Cabo Blanco, Peru. Photo courtesy of

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