"Those Magnificent Giants"
The Spring 1999 issue of the Big Game Fishing Journal (pictured at left) contains a feature article written by fisheries biologist, Jim Chambers, entitled "Those Magnificent Giants."��It describes the thrill of hunting then fighting a 600-pound giant bluefin tuna - the author's first (pictured to the left with his mentor, Jack Cashman, r.).� Chambers used the excitement of such an adventure to illustrate how wonderful bluefin are, but also that they are at the brink of extinction.� Bluefin have great speed, power and endurance, and are the world's most highly evolved fish.� But, Japanese buyers will pay huge sums for quality bluefin (used for sashimi) over-stimulating demand and putting them in great danger.� Overfishing has driven the western Atlantic bluefin population to only 3 percent of the abundance existing before industrial scale fishing began to affect it in 1960. "Our" bluefin are too close to slipping into extinction.� For details, see the Bluefin Tuna page using the link listed in red below left.� Until the annual bluefin quota is eliminated by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), ostensibly managing this and all other tuna-like stocks to achieve the MSY level, this excessive fishing pressure (both commercial and recreational) will continue to prevent this stock from recovering to a healthy population level.� Chambers is working hard (including preparation a petition to have bluefin "listed" as a "threatened or endangered species" and then protected under the Endangered Species Act) to eliminate such overfishing to help the stock rebuild.� For the full text (and photos) of "Those Magnificent Giants" click HERE.

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