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Blue marlin by artist Ron Pittard
Photo of largest marlin ever caught on rod and reel - 1805 lbs - Choy's Monster - Honolulu, Hawaii
     Largest Blue Marlin Ever Caught?

Pictured below is a massive blue marlin that was caught off Okinawa by a commercial fisherman using a handline.  It is said to have "bottomed" a one ton (1,000 kg) set of scales meaning the fish weighed more than 2,200 lbs.  Easily seen in this photo is a primary distinguishing characteristic of blue marlin  (vs. black marlin).  The flap of skin covering the throat and below the gills and the branchiostegal bones supporting it are about half the length of the similar flap of skin and branchiostegals of a black marlin.  In a black marlin this flap of skin would extend back almost as far as the rear edge of the operculum or main gill cover.                        (Photo, IGFA)
Photo of largest marlin ever caught - 2,200 lbs - Okinawa commercial handline fisherman
Largest Blue Marlin on Rod and Reel

Above, this is known as "Choy's Monster."  It weighed 1,805 lbs. or 820 kg. when weighed in Honolulu in 1970.  Capt. Cornelius Choy and his daughter Gail acting as deckhand had taken 6 holiday makers out for a days sport fishing.  None were experienced anglers.  After fighting the fish for some time and passing the rod around, Capt. Chow finally took the rod and brought the fish to the boat where his daughter wired it.  Naturally, it could not qualify for an IGFA world record, but it does stand to this day as the largest blue ever taken on rod and reel.  (Photo, IGFA)
Photo of 455 lb Pacific blue marlin caught by Cyd Nielsen in Tonga

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Above, a 455-lb. blue marlin caught in VaVau, Tonga, by our friend Cyd Nielsen pictured here with her husband, Capt. Skip Nielsen (center) of Islamorada, FL, and the crew. (Photo, courtesy Cyd and Skip Nielsen)

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