Giant Bluefin Tuna of the Gulf of Mexico
1,152 lbs.
1152 lb. bluefin tuna caught by Ron Roland - Gulf of Mexico 2003
Grander bluefin tuna (1,152 lbs.) taken by Ron Rolland
on its northern Gulf of Mexico spawning grounds
in late May, 2003. (Photo, courtesy Ron Rolland)

Only adult bluefin (over 620 lbs and 12 years old) are found in the Gulf of Mexico.  They are there to participate in spawning for about 5 weeks beginning about May 1 each year, after which they migrate to rich feeding grounds in the northern end of their range - Nova Scotia and the Gulf of Maine.  Due to overfishing of their primary prey (herring, whiting, menhaden, etc.),  more and more bluefin are following the Gulf Stream toward the Azores and beyond intermixing with Mediterranean-spawned bluefin.


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