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What are we doing to try to save the "lions and tigers of the sea?"



$2.4 Billion Deepwater Horizon Settlement

Close Bluefin Spawning Area to Longliners



"Red List" White and Blue Marlin and Bluefin Tuna


Letters to the Administrator of NOAA

Atlantic White and Blue Marlin - Extinction by 2017

Western North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna - on the Brink of Extinction

North Atlantic Swordfish "Fully Rebuilt?" - or a Hoax


And, of course, we are presenting the most important results of international stock assessments (see links below) that show how much the populations have declined since 1960 due to overfishing which has been allowed to continue by ICCAT, which is supposed to be managing all these species at healthy levels but has utterly failed to do so.


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The Severity of Atlantic Population Losses

Headed for Extinction

Bluefin Tuna
Blue Marlin
White Marlin

Endangered Species Act
White Marlin Listing Petition
Bluefin Tuna Listing Petition

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Articles on Big Game Fish of the Atlantic
Hunting Giants
Hunting Grander Blue Marlin and Bluefin
Those Magnificent Giants
Going, Going, Gone
Headed for Extinction
Atlantic Hot Spots


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Jim Chambers

Jim Chambers

Live Moon Phase Display

Daily "Kill-o-Meter"

Longliners fish most heavily during the periods when the moon is brightest. So, this real-time image of the moon phase shows when the kill of swordfish is greatest and least.  It also shows when the kill of blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, sharks, tunas, sea turtles, marine mammals and a host of other marine life is also greatest - even though they are not even targeted.  For more, see link above.

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